Training completed for MN licensing.

*1 hr on SIDS

*1 hr on Shaken Baby Syndrom

*Orientation (5 hrs) = 2 hrs Child Develpment

I am currently a member of the following assosiations:

Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association, INC
National Association of Family Childcare Providers
Family Childcare Professionals of South Dakota
Child & Adult Care Food Program.

~ 5 years experience

~CPR and First Aid certified

~Training Hours (since Jan, 2007):

*6 hrs in Professionalism
*5.5 hrs in Partnerships with Parents
*8 hrs in Child Growth and Development
*1.5 hrs Age Appropriate Activities and Planning

I participated in the SD Food Program and intend to enroll in the MN program as well. MN licensing requires additional credits compared to what SD required. I intend on fulfilling those credits immediately. I take my job very seriously and am constantly taking classes to stay informed and educated in my field.

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