Preschool Information

Take a moment to look over these sites. There are many different curriculum's out there. Some fit into programs better then others. Many providers make their own curriculum, there are sites here with a lot of information and ideas for themes. Take a little something from these sites, or order from the sites that have them all ready for you. One is not better than the other. You know your set up and your children better then anyone else, pick what works best for your program.

I do not endorse these sites, they are simply put here for you to research and choose for yourself.

Funshine Express
Preschool Curriculum

Mother Goose Time
Preschool Curriculum for 2 1/2 year to 5 years

Brightly Beaming Resources
Information on curriculum for 3 months to 8 years

High Reach
Curriculum for a variety of ages

Mailbox Magazine
Great magazine with tons of ideas

First School
Preschool Activities and Crafts

Crafts Galore

Preschool Education
Discover the Fun in Learning

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