Enrollment Procedures

  1. Schedule an appointment to aquaint the child and parents with the daycare home. (The child is required to be at the interview.) The caregiver will supply information to the parents regarding the childcare program, policies of the Parent Handbook, and rates/payment information.
  2. Completion of the Child Information Sheet and Parents Statement of Health on child.
  3. Completion of Certification of Immunization form by physician. (A copy is fine.)
  4. Signed Permission Forms and Emergency Form.
  5. Signed agreement to Policies as stated in the Parent Handbook.
  6. Signed Contract.
  7. Deposit equal to one week of full-time care.

Supplies Needed

Parents need to supply the following items.
  1. Infant Formula and bottles. (Footsteps provides Parent's Choice from Walmart.)
  2. Change of weather appropriate clothing including underthings and socks.
  3. Extra set of hat and mittens during the winter months, swim suit/towel in the summer months.
  4. Fever/Cold medication.
  5. Toothbrush and tooth paste.
  6. Paint shirt.
  7. Provider will provide diapers and diaper wipes

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