Payment Schedule

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Fees will be posted on a weekly or monthly basis. All accounts are due prior to care being given. Monthly accounts are due on the 1st and weekly accounts are due the Friday before.

~Non-payment of childcare fees is grounds for termination of daycare enrollment.

~A late fee of $5.00/day will be assessed on all accounts not paid by the due date.

~Payments are not accepted on weekends.

~A $30.00 fee will be added to any returned checks. Cash will be required after one default.

Trial Period and Termination

A trial period of two weeks will be given for the adjustment of the child and the caregiver. After this time period the parents or the caregiver may decide that the care given is not in the best interest of the child. Termination of childcare may result without prior notice.

~Following the trial period parents can terminate childcare with two weeks written notice. Payment is required for those last two weeks whether the child is there or not. If a two weeks notice is not given the depsit remains with the caregiver.

~The caregiver will also give two weeks notice if child is to be terminated from care.

~Any abuse or violation of the rules/policies is grounds for immediate termination.

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