Here is an example of one of our weekly menu plans.

May 12 - May 16
Breakfast Lunch PM Snack
Monday 100% Apple Juice, Cereal, Milk Corndog, Raw Veggies, Watermelon, Milk Animal Crackers, Milk
Tuesday Apple, Waffles, Milk Speghetti, Pears, Mixed Veggies, Milk Orange, Graham Cracker
Wednesday 100% Juice Punch, Cereal, Milk Bolonga & Cheese Sandwich, Peaches, Lettuce, Milk Berry Juice, Goldfish crackers
Thursday Grapes, Hot Cereal, Milk Fish Sticks, Oranges, Green Beans, Roll, Milk String Cheese, Apple Slices
Friday Grape Juice, Cereal, Milk Cheese, Ham, Grapes, Tomato Soup, Bread, Milk Cheese, Crackers

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