Illness Policy

The Illness policy of Footsteps In Growing Daycare is one of the most important policies for families to understand and follow. This policy is in place to help keep children as healthy as possible. Illness can be a vicious cycle in childcare unless parents work with the caregiver to watch for signs and take the necessary steps to help stop the illness from spreading. Dr. Sears has a great article here to help make an informed decision on bringing your child to daycare. Together we can keep Footsteps a healthy place to spend our days.

Childcare can be given to children with mild, cold like symptoms (clear, runny nose, slight cough and no fever). Childcare will not be available to children exhibiting the following symptoms:

~Fever (101 degrees or higher)
~Undiagnosed sore or rash
~Lice or nits
~Persistant sore throat or excessive cough
~Difficult or rapid breathing
~Communicable diseases (chicken pox, roseola, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles, influenza)

The child must be symptom free for 24 hours after the last symptom occurred before returning to childcare.

Parents should develop an alternate plan for childcare in the event their child becomes ill during daycare hours. If a child displays any of the symptoms listed above the parents will be notified immediately and required to remove their child from the daycare. If the parents are unavailable the emergency contact person will be notified. The provider will do everything possible to comfort the child until the parent or emergency contact person arrives to take the child home.

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