Daily Basics Page 2

Medication can only be administered to a child if the parent gives written permission. A medication consent form must be completed and signed. All medicines must be in the original container with the child's name clearly written on it along with physician's instructions on dosage and storage.

~A written record of the administration of medication, including over-the-counter medication, to each child will be kept. Records will include the date and time of administration, dosage, the caregivers signature and the child's name. Completed records will be kept in the child's folder.

Authorized Release of a Child
Children will only be released from the daycare to an authorized, responsible person.

~A parent must provide written documentation to whom the child may be released.

~The identity and authorization of the person to whom the child will be released must be verified before the child can be released. Parent's are encouraged to bring the person/s who are listed to pick up their child to the daycare so that the caregiver can meet them face-to-face. If this is not possible the caregiver will require a picture id before the child is released.

~If a person, incapable of providing adequate supervision, attempts to pick up the child, the provider may notify local law enforcement.

Accountability Procedure
If your child will be arriving unaccompanied by a parent, such as walking from school, an expected time of arrival will be established. If the child fails to arrive within the expected time, the parents will be notified by phone and requested to locate child. The provider will remain at the home to receive phone calls concerning the late child. If neither of the parents is locatable the emergency contact person will be notified. If all efforts fail to find a responsible party local law enforcement will be notified.

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