Daily Basics

Arrival and Departure
Please bring your child clean, dressed for the day, and fed (if arriving after 8:30). Upon arrival please use the sign in sheet to check your child in and sign him out at departure. Please give notice to any changes in the arrival and departure times that have been prearranged. This will help the caregiver plan for the day and have children ready for departure.

~A book will be provided for each family where accomplishments, meals, diaper changes, issues will be kept.This book can be kept at daycare or taken home where the parent can write in anything they feel the caregiver needs to know about their child's time at home.

~Footsteps In Growing closes at 5:30, if a child is not picked up by that time a $10.00 fee for every 15 mins past closing will be assessed.

Nap and Rest Time
All children will participate in a nap/rest time from 12:00 - 2:30. No child is forced to sleep; however they must rest quietly in order for others to be able to get their rest. If a child remains awake after laying quietly for 1 hour that child will be taken to another room for quiet play until the end of the nap/rest period.

~Parents are asked not to pick up their children between 12:30 and 2:30 so that all children will be undisturbed.

~Please give notice in advance if you will need to pick up your child during this time period so arrangements can be made to avoid any disruptions.

Since special toys can be difficult to share, it is requested that toys from home not be brought to childcare. Special nap time "friends" needed for sleeping will be allowed, but put away until nap time. No responsibility is taken for lost, stolen or broken toys brought from home. Should a child bring a toy from home it will be put away until departure. Should a child deliberately destroy any of the toys or property at the daycare through misuse or willfulness, the parent is responsible for replacement.

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